What special needs do women have when it comes to golf clubs

Golfing rules say that one golfer can not have more than 14 clubs in his or her set. Casual golfers usually don’t need that much, but i still think this limitation is good indicator of how important golf clubs are to your success in golf. The most important factor women golfers should keep in mind when choosing clubs for themselves is their body. How well golf clubs will work for you heavily depends on how well your golf clubs fit your needs. It’s not just height or muscles that you should pay attention to, either. Even though it’s hard to deny that having golf clubs that match your height and length of arms is extremely important. Petite ladies especially struggle with this, so if you are one of them, i highly recommend you read this guide on about best womens golf club sets. On the other hand, everyone’s body moves differently and most of us have different swing styles, so choosing your golf clubs based on your swing style is just as important. 

Choosing good golf drivers for ladies isn’t that hard. The process is very similar to choosing drivers in general. The biggest mistake you can make during this process is not knowing what you need. Once you figure that out, everything else – golf club prices, technology, etc – falls into place. Good news for beginner women golfers is that recently, technology for making super game improvement clubs has almost been perfected, so beginners have great golf clubs to play with. Those clubs also cost a lot of money, but even if you don’t have a budget, you can always buy these SGI clubs for half the price if you get them used. One thing about buying drivers and in general, any golf club for a lady, is the weight factor. If you get golf clubs that are too heavy, the end user might have a hard time carrying it around and hitting it. 

I think high handicap lady golfers can really benefit from good set of irons that matches their experience level. Some of the newer sets are also designed to fix spin, so that’s a good news. There are also drivers that fix slice, a common problem among beginner golfers of all genders. But if you ask me, the best thing that beginner golfer can do with her money is take a few lessons with experienced instructor. Preferably the instructor should be woman herself, because they’re the ones who understand needs of a female golfer the best. After few lessons though, i do think that training loses its effectiveness and best way to learn is by doing. Get few golf clubs for yourself, a driver, a wood, and maybe hybrid and iron, and hit the course. Practice hitting there until you get there. I guarantee that’s how most of the women who are comfortable with golf clubs started.

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